God Hates _______

Hello readers. I decided to deem my Sunday posts Soulful Sundays. Although I don’t regularly attend church on Sundays or any other day, I would like to build a better relationship between me and God. What better way to learn and understand God than read up on Him and various other religions around the world? I hope you enjoy these posts and learn as much as I did. I now return you to your regularly scheduled post.

One of the most controversial churches in the United States right now is the Westboro Baptist Church. This independent branch of the Baptist church has become notorious for its racist and homophobic views and their picketing of the funerals of dead soldiers. In recent months, the church has made headlines for winning a Supreme Court battle over their right to protest the funerals of soldiers. Although the law says that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church have the right to stage these protests, one has to ask is God really okay with these people using His word to spread a message of hate.

Before we talk about the morality of the church’s antic’s, we should explore their views more thoroughly. When it comes to homosexuality, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church believe that it is the worst committable sin and that all homosexuals should be put to death. They believe that all the tragic events in the world have been caused by the increasing acceptance of homosexuality. To help promote these ideals, the church has several websites including GodHatesFags.com and GodHatesAmerica.com. In addition to their views on homosexuality, the church hates a variety of religions including Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Catholicism. Although the group doesn’t claim to be racist, they have denounced countries such as Italy and believe Barrack Obama is the AntiChrist. 

In addition to promoting their agenda and beliefs through their websites, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church often picket the streets with signs and protest the funerals of homosexuals and soldiers.

The  question is, is that what God would truly want? From a religious and atheist standpoint, one could say that God can be vengeful or he’s not keeping a very watchful eye on things. Slavery, the Holocaust, Hiroshima, the genocides in Armenia and Africa, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the disasters in Japan could either be deemed as God taking vengeance or just negligence. Despite this, it obvious God is a very loving and understanding person. Despite the hardships and tragedies that occur in the world, God has created many good and precious miracles. Life itself is the ultimate miracle. With that being said, would God really want His message of love being conveyed as hate? If God made us all in His image, then aren’t all us (gay, straight, Protestant, Islamic, Italian), a part of Him? Wouldn’t He love us regardless?

What do you think? Is the Westboro Baptist Church just using religion as a way to convey hate or are they onto something? You are quite welcome to sound off on this issue.

Thanks for reading.

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