Understanding Sexual Assault

In support of Mick Foley’s 10 for RAINN campaign, today’s post is going to focus on sexual assault. Believe it or not, sexual assault is more common than you think. 1 and 4 women and 1 and 6 men have been victimized by sexual violence before their 18th birthdays. It is estimated that every two minutes a woman is being sexually assaulted. Because sexual assault is the most under reported crime in the United States, you may have had contact with a victim and not even know it.

By definition, sexual assault is when someone forces another person to engage in unwanted sexual acts by force or threat. These unwanted sexual acts can include anal, vaginal, oral or penile penetration and unwanted touching, fondling, and kissing. It may also include being forced to perform or receive oral sex acts, forced masturbation and posing or viewing sexually explicit materials.  Sexual assault can happen to anyone at any time. The offender can be a complete stranger or someone the victims knows. Either way, the offender gains control of the victim by catching them off guard, tricking, lying or taking advantage of them.

Sexual assault is NEVER the victim’s fault. He or she did not ask or deserved to be assaulted. The victim always has the right to say no. It doesn’t matter what he or she was wearing or if they were under the influence. It doesn’t matter if the victim knows, has dated or has had sex with their attacker before. If the victim has said no then its sexual assault.

For more information on sexual assault, go to http://www.rainn.org/. In addition to finding out more about sexual assault, you will also find information about getting involved and getting help if you were victimized.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Sexual Assault

  1. Spot on, Lossforwords360. I absolutely agree that it is never the victim’s fault when sexual assault happens to him or her. No one asks for sexual assault and sexual assault happens to anyone regardless of behaviour, temperament, and the clothes one wears. Last but not least, no one deserves sexual assault and I would never wish that on a worst enemy.

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