Trust in Relationships

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One of the most vital components of any relationship is trust. A relationship can’t develop and grow without it. Because of this, it is important that we do our best to make sure that trust is developed and maintained within our relationships. The more you and your partner trust each other, the happier and healthier the relationship will be. 

When it comes to relationships, we want to feel safe and comfortable in reference to another person.  This is where trust comes in. According to the dictionary, trust is the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, ect of a person or thing. In other words, trust is the belief that we can rely on a person or thing.

There are several reasons why trust is important when it comes to developing and maintaining relationships. Trust is the foundation of any relationship, because  it initially sets the tone of the relationship. As the level of trust changes, so will the relationship. If trust is broken, the relationship will become broken. In addition, trust gives you the confidence to share your thoughts, feelings and emotions with another person. Trusting someone shows that you wholeheartedly believe in your partner’s integrity and creditability.

Trust is a skill we learn to develop very early in life. As infants we trust our parents to feed and nurture us. As children we learn to trust friends and family to support us and the process continues on into adulthood. Trust is a skill that develops slowly and naturally over time as we gain experience relating to people on an intimate level.  In any relationship, trust is gained and developed when both parties open up to one another and share personal details. Trust will also not be built right away, especially if one or both parties have been betrayed by loved ones before. It takes a degree of vulnerability and patience to build a happy and trusting relationship.

The best way to build trust in the early stages of a relationship is to take an interest in your partner. Ask questions and seek answers. Talk often and be honest. Be open with your partner and share any thoughts, feelings or experiences you have had. Be attentive and actively listen to anything they want to share with you. The more comfortable you and your partner are at sharing the details of your life, the more trusting the relationship will be.

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