The Origins of Easter

Hello readers! In honor of Easter Sunday, I decided to write a post dedicated to the biblical and non biblical origins of Easter. I hope you have a blessed and fun day. Enjoy this post and enjoy the rest of your day!

Goddess of Spring, Eostre

The Non Biblical Origins of Easter:The early origins of Easter are derived from the Germanic goddess of Spring, Eostre. According to legend, the goddess found an injured, colorful bird that was unable to fly so she turned it into a rabbit. Although the bird was now a rabbit, it still had the ability to lay eggs. In order to repay Eostre for her kindness, the rabbit gave the goddess a basket of colorful eggs. Her followers soon began to celebrate Spring by giving each other colorful bird eggs. The tradition spread throughout Europe until the 1800s when chocolate eggs began to be produced.

There is also evidence of ancient cultures giving and decorating eggs as a Spring ritual before the legend of Eostre. The oldest record of this exchange was found in South Africa at the Diepkloof Rock Shelter. It was there that a group of 60,000 year old ostrich shells were found with detailed patterns on them. For Spring festivals, the Chinese have been painting eggs red for at least 3,000 years. Tribes and cultures throughout the Middle East and Western Europe have also been known to decorate and exchange color eggs as well.

The Biblical Origins of Easter: For Christians, Easter is the commemoration of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. After his death, Jesus’s body was placed in a tomb. A large stone covered the entrance and guards were stationed at the tomb.Three days later, Mary Magdalene and several other women visited the tomb to anoint Jesus’s body. A large earthquake occurred and an angel appeared to tell the women that Jesus had risen and was no longer in the tomb. He then instructed them to inspect the tomb and to spread the word to his disciples. The women began to do as they were told, but ran into Jesus on the way. He then instructed the women to tell the disciples to meet him in Galilee. 

Meanwhile, the guards went to tell the chief priests about what they had witnessed at Jesus’s tomb. The priests bribed the guards into lying about what they saw. They were instructed to tell others that Jesus’s disciples stole the body from the tomb, not that he had risen.

According to scripture, Jesus appeared to Mary and his disciples 12 different times during the resurrection. These appearances were physical, as in Jesus was eating, speaking, and able to be touched. Before he ascended into Heaven, Jesus instructed his followers to make disciples out of all nations.

Hope you all have a blessed Easter!

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