Solicitation at Its Finest…

Hello readers! Thanks for dropping by today. I hope you enjoyed the previous post about music and art education and the other posts before it. I know this isn’t the usually type of post you have come to expect from me, but this will be a rare thing. I just wanted to talk to you guys about some random odds and ends.

The first thing I wanted to tell you guys is that there  are only 3 more days to vote for my friend, rapper AJG in the contest he’s entered in. I wanted to take a few moments to help him out and get some final votes. As you may or may not know, he’s entered in a contest to perform and record with Brisco in Miami. All you need to do is follow this link and vote for his single every day. You can vote via Facebook and Twitter. The web address is Thanks for your help!

The next thing I wanted to tell you is that I want to hear from YOU! As mentioned in last Saturday’s post, Trust in Relationships, I’m taking request for blog topics. What kind of topics would you like to see here? Is there a topic that you would like me to expand on? Is there an important or fun topic that I haven’t touched yet? If you have any ideas contact me with them. You can email me (it can be found on my profile) or contact me via twitter (triffic_tinika). I’ll respond to each request and let you know if your topic is being used in a future post.

Thanks for reading!

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