Life After High School:What Graduates Need to Know

Hello readers! I wasn’t sure what to write about for today’s post. I bought it up to a friend and he suggested I write about something to do with school. Even if you have long been out of high school, I hope you can relate and enjoy this post. I now return you to your regularly scheduled post! 

I graduated high school two years ago, but I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was really cloudy and windy that day. We all thought it was going to rain. Like always, I went through a hundred outfit changes before picking the right one. The ceremony was flawless. No rain but a lot of a wind. We all got our diplomas and threw up our hats. We posed for pictures and said some final goodbyes before heading home with our families. I had cake and ice cream at home, changed clothes, and then went to party the night away with my friends. It wasn’t a perfect movie moment day, but it’ll always be one of the proudest moments of my life.

Class of 2009. I'm the line leader

After graduating high school my life didn’t change immediately or in a normal way. I wanted to get a job to help pay for some of my incoming college expenses, but couldn’t. I didn’t have problems finding a job, but my mom was getting major surgery so I didn’t work to take care of her. I wanted to delay going to college because of her illness, but she made me go. I’m glad she did. I like my school (FAMU)  and I’ve some great experiences. With that being said, I also had some bad ones.

So, class of 2011, here’s some advice to help you transition from high school to college. You’re going to need it.

You Can Be Anyone You Want to Be: When you enter college, you no longer have to be the person you were in high school. You don’t have to be a prep, nerd or jock. You can start over and become anyone you want to be.

With Great Freedom Comes Great Responsibility: When you’re away at college you have ABSOLUTE freedom. There are no curfews, no one to tell you what you can or can’t do. Because of this, you need to manage your time wisely and be sure you’re making good decisions (or at least decisions you can live with).

Make Sure Your Professors Know Who You Are: Your professors literally have hundreds to thousands of students they teach. Obviously, they aren’t going to remember every one of them. Because of this it is important to always introduce yourself to your professors! Send them emails, talk to them before or after class and go their office hours. It’ll come in handy when it comes time for grades or recommendations.

Do Your Homework: Although most professors don’t grade or collect homework assignments, you need to do them. Why? Because you will see the same or similar questions on tests.

READ: READ, READ, READ, READ your text books. Some teachers like to put information found in the book on tests and if you didn’t read you might as well throw in the towel.

Sleep, Social Life or Good Grades. Pick Two: You can’t have all three. At least at the same time.

You Will Develop a Love Hate Relationship with Your Roommate: Sometimes you’ll love your roommate. You’ll hang out, watch movies, talk and have fun. But other times you’ll hate him or her. He or she will be loud, have people over when you’re trying to sleep and study, eat your food, and just be a regular pain in the ass.

Go to Events: The best way to make new friends is to go campus events. They’re fun and informative. There’s usually free food and music and of course lots of people.

Although everyone’s college experience is different, these tips will help you get through it. Study hard and play even harder. College will definitely be the best years of your life. Enjoy it!  Thanks for reading!

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