Twenty Reasons Why I Love My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to dedicate this post to my favorite woman, my mother. Hope you enjoy this mom!

my mom and me

I Can Talk to My Mom About Anything: No matter how silly or serious the subject is, I can always talk to my mom about it. You wouldn’t believe the type of stuff we talk about.

She Works Out With Me: My mom can’t do hardcore aerobics or circuit training like I do, but she does take walks with me a few times a week. While we’re getting fit we talk, laugh, and almost get by speeding cement trucks. (Okay, okay, that only happened once.)

She Surprises Me: At least a few times a month, my mom will do something unexpected for me. She’ll buy me something or take me somewhere unexpected. For example, last week there was a book fair at her job and she knows I like to read. She bought me a cookbook for when I’m away at school and a whole bunch of Little Critter books.

My Mom Always Makes Time For Me: No matter how tired or busy she is, my mom will always find a way to make time for me.

She Supports Me No Matter What: I’m not the worst kid in the world, but I have had my phases of experimentation. And my totally supports that. She supported me during my goth stage, me dying my hair purple, and me going to college in Florida. She also supports me having this blog and other serious decisions I’ve made.

The best mom in the world

She Encourages Me: My mom encourages me to chase my dreams and do what’s best for me. She’s encouraged me to do well in school, pursue writing, and live my life the way I want to.

My Mom NEVER Says I Told You So: My mom has had plenty of opportunities to tell me she told me so. Failed relationships, lost friends, missed opportunities. But she has never told me that she told me so. Thanks mom!

She’s Always Honest With Me: Whenever I ask for her opinion, she always gives me an honest answer even if it’s something I don’t want to hear. She’s never tried to shield me from the truth. It’s always something I’ve appreciated and love about her.

She Made Me Go to College: When it was time to go to college, I didn’t want to go. It wasn’t because I was going to be a thousand miles from home or that I was going to be leaving my friends and family. I didn’t want to leave because she was sick. But she made me go. She packed up my clothes and things, and sent me on my way. She told me I was going and I was going to get good grades or else. I’m glad she made me go and I will always be grateful to her for that.

My Mom Isn’t Afraid to Be Silly: My mom says and does the goofiest things. It’s adorable. She’ll sing me a message when I don’t answer my phone or make funny faces at me in public.

My Mom has Balls:My mom isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone. If someone disrespects her or anyone else she’s close to, she’ll confront them. She does what she wants, when she wants. She isn’t afraid to live her life or do what she wants, regardless of how anyone else feels about it.

My mom and me during spring break last year

She Likes to Try New Things: My mom can be pretty adventurous at times. She always up to try something new. She’s always trying new foods or different activities. For instance, a few months ago she went bowling for the first time. She wasn’t the best at it at first, but once she got the hang of it, she bowled pretty well.

She Taught Me to Never Give Up: I’m always a strong starter, but sometimes I have trouble finishing. My mom taught me that in order to be successful in life, you must always start strong and finish stronger. When things get hard, when I feel there is no way out, I always remember that I need to keep pushing. If you give up you miss out on success and the rewards of hard work.

My Mom is A Survivor: Throughout the years, my mom has had many ailments and recently battled breast cancer. Although the odds have been against her, she beat it and every other complication in her life.

She’s Always There When I Need Her: I can always depend on my mom to help me out. I can call or text time any time of day and she’ll answer. I could need money or food or help and she would find a way to get it to me as soon as possible.

She’s My Number One Fan: My mom’s my cheerleader. No matter what I do, she’s always there to cheer me on.

She’s a Single Mom: Being a mom is hard enough, but being a single mom is even harder. Although she’s had my uncle to help take care of me, she does a lot for me.

She Gave Birth to Me: Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for mom, I wouldn’t be here.

My Mom Loves Me Unconditionally: When I was born, my mom automatically loved me. She didn’t expect anything from me in return. She just loves me for me.

She’s MY Mom: You only get one mom and mine is awesome!


Happy mother’s day to all my readers, especially ones that are moms! Enjoy your day!

One thought on “Twenty Reasons Why I Love My Mom

  1. you mom is an amazing person, and it shows because you are the same. I love your mom aswell, she always gives me advice on the kids, and does it in a non-pushy kind of way, because I hate when peole give advice, but it ends up turing into them telling you how to raise your kids, and your mom isnt like that at all. She’s offered to help me out with getting the kids stuff, and always says we can come over…which is cool being I don’t get out much, and on nice days I could just walk over to your house. I would love to work out with you to…I want to get a better body…I just cant find time because of the kids, and I hate watching people watch me work out, I won’t even let Josh watch.

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