Mental Health Awareness Month

As you may or may not know, May is mental health awareness month. May has been proclaimed mental health awareness since 1949. It’s purpose is to raise awareness about mental health condition and wellness for all. 

Each year, the theme for mental health month changes. This year, mental health professionals and others are urging those with and without mental illnesses to get connected. After all, the best way to maintain mental health is to stay connected to family and friends. To help promote this ideal, there are two themes this month.

The first theme is Do More For 1 in 4. This call to action is geared towards helping those with diagnosable and treatable mental health disorders. This theme is designed to show those who suffer from mental health disorders that they can still lead happy, productive and normal lives. The second theme is Live Well! It’s Essential for Your Potential. This theme focuses on informing people about the importance of good mental health. It also will provide people with tips and initiatives they can take to improve and maintain good mental health.

For information about mental health awareness month, check out You can also check out for interesting facts about mental illness. Also be sure to check back here because there will be posts about mental health throughout the month!

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