Would You Give Your 8 Year Old Botox?

If you watched Good Morning America Thursday or have been surfing the web, you probably heard about the mother in California who gives her 8-year-old daughter botox.  (If you want to see the video and accompanying article, you can check it out here  http://abcnews.go.com/Health/mom-year-daughter-botox-young-young/story?id=13580804)

Mother and Daughter Who Get Botox. Image courtesy of The Sun

Here’s how the story goes. This woman’s daughter, Britney, participates in beauty pageants. 8-year-old Britney would complain about seeing wrinkles and lines on her face when she looked in the mirror. Mom also heard other pageant mothers remark about the lines on Britney’s face. Mom suggested botox and Britney agreed to give it a shot-literally. Britney’s mother, who is a part-time aesthetician and no stranger to the procedure, administers five shots in three different locations on her daughter’s face. The treatments lessen the lines on Britney’s face, but they don’t completely disappear. Although Britney claims that the shots hurts, she believes the results are worth it.

Don’t be completely outraged and angry yet folks, there’s more. Because of the highly competitive nature of beauty pageants, Britney has also had her legs waxed. This process proved too painful for her though, so that is something the 8-year-old will not continued.

Britney’s mother claims that the world of beauty pageants is brutal and that she isn’t the only one doing it. She claims she got the idea from other pageant mothers who daughters complained about the same thing. Although Britney complains that the shots hurt, she still wants to continue with the procedures. In addition, she doesn’t use enough to change her daughter’s face dramatically. Her mother sees no negative psychological or physical side effects from her daughter and will continue doing what’s she doing.

Now I’m no parent. I’m just an unmarried, 2o year old woman. So maybe I have no right to say what I’m about to. But bear with me.I think this mother is DEAD WRONG for injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox. She’s ONLY eight years old! This girl isn’t old enough to develop such profound “worry” or “frown” lines or age creases that would need cosmetic treatment.

I think mother’s such as Britney’s are trying to age and mature their daughters too fast. If you give your daughter treatments, make up, or clothes to make her look older, grown men are going to think she is older. We all know what could happen in that type of scenario. Instead of pushing their daughters to adulthood, mother’s should enjoy their children as they go through childhood. They should be playing outside, playing with Barbies, coloring and playing make-believe. They should not be worried about the hair on a woman’s legs being “unlady like” or getting wrinkles.

Mother’s like Britney’s send young girls the message that they aren’t good enough. In order to be considered beautiful and of value you need to look perfect. Your skin needs to be clear and even. Your hair needs to be long and straight. You need to be tall and skinny with big breasts and thighs and a round butt. They are sending the message that if you don’t have these things, you’re ugly and not of value. They are sending the message that cosmetic procedures are an easy fix to make you perfect. That you shouldn’t love yourself and feel of value by just being who you are. That you shouldn’t love how your body looks.

What do you think? Do you think it’s appropriate to give a 8-year-old botox? How young is too young for cosmetic procedures? Sound off below!

3 thoughts on “Would You Give Your 8 Year Old Botox?

  1. I am married and a mommy, as you know, and I consider what she did to be child abuse. No child needs botox. I mean yeah, I let Jasmine play with makeup, but thats her just playing, its not because she thinks she needs it to look pretty though. I am one of those people who think i need a round butt, big boobs and the perfect body to be pretty, but that doesnt mean im going to make my kids feel the same way, because i honestly hate feeling that way myself. I know im not perfect, and I want to look better, but I’m not going to do anything harmful. And if my children ever came up to me saying the didnt look good and wanted something done about it, I would twll them that they are pretty and thats all that matters. I only see surgery and other things like that an option of you need it…because of like an accident or something…not because you just want it.

  2. I am not a parent or a child expert but I can tell you that I would not recommend Botox to a child, doesn’t matter whether she is 8 or 17. Not in a million years. That mother has given good parents a very bad name. Botox for a kid’s face is simply sending a bad message to everyone. That mother should be ashamed of herself. I feel sorry for that child as this is child abuse when it involves Botox injected into her face in the name of vanity.

  3. I agree both of you. She’s giving all mothers out there a bad name by doing this to her daughter. Her daughter seemed to be brainwashed by these unrealistic expectations when I watched the video. It’s really sad that someone so young is having these impressions on beauty and self image so early.

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