Building Better Self Esteem

There's a lion inside you waiting to come out

In a previous post, Exploring Low Self Esteem, I talked about the causes and manifestations of low self esteem. After reading the post, a friend pointed out that most people with low self esteem know they have it. Which is true. Anyone can usually tell when their self esteem is low. Because after all, our self esteem has been damaged in one way or another at any given time. So here are a few tips to help you boost up your self esteem.

Acknowledge Your Strengths: Everyone is good at something. Know what you’re good at and be proud of yourself for it. You don’t have to necessarily brag about it, but it never hurts to toot your own horn. Toot Toot. (With a side of beep, beep.)

Don’t Be A Negative Nick or Nancy: It’s true. Life sucks. But if you always dwell on the negative then you won’t have time to look at the positive. Don’t approach things with a negative attitude either. If you enter into a situation thinking that things are going to turn out negatively then they will. You’d be surprised how much happier we’d all be if people weren’t so negative all the time.

Avoid Negative Situations and People: There will be times where we can’t control the negative things or people who enter our lives. However, we should try to avoid these things whenever we can. Abusive relationships, unsatisfactory work environments and crappy unsupportive friends need to go. Why surround yourself with people and places that don’t make you happy?

Set Realistic Goals For Yourself: It’s good to set challenging goals for yourself, but sometimes the bar may be set too high. For example, say you want to lose weight, but you don’t have the time to adhere to strict diet and exercise program. Instead of setting a goal to lose 10 lbs in two weeks, you should could set it to 5 lbs in a month. You may not reach your goal, but you could be pretty close. You may even end up exceeding your goal and that’s always good.

 It’s Okay To Make Mistakes: We all make mistakes so don’t beat yourself up over them. Instead of viewing mistakes as a failure, view them as a learning experience. You can always do better next time.

Recognize What You Can and Can’t Change: There are some things in life we don’t have the power to change. However, there are lots of things in our lives we can’t change. If something makes you unhappy and you can change it, feel free to!

Exercise: Not only will working out improve your physical health, it will also improve your emotional and mental health.

Express Yourself: If you’re feeling happy, angry, stressed, anxious, or excited, tell someone or find a way to let your emotions out. The more you express your feelings, the happier you’ll be in the long run.

Try New Things: Trying new things allows you to find hidden talents. The more things you try, the more things you’ll find out you’re good at.

Help Others: Making contributions to your neighborhood or others will make you feel like you are making a difference. Helping others is a great way to feel fulfilled.

Have Fun: The more fun you’re having, the better you’ll feel.

Ask For Help: Everyone needs help sometimes. If you feel overwhelmed or need something, ask your family, friends or a help professional for help.

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