Botox Mom Says It Was All A LIE

Remember the mom who went on Good Morning America and proclaimed she was giving her 8 year old daughter botox. Well now  she’s saying it’s all a lie. Watch the clip. (I’ll provide a quick summary of it for those who don’t feel like it.)

Botox mom, Kerry Campbell’s story about how she injects her 8 year old daughter with botox first appeared in headlines across the U.K.  She then appeared on Good Morning a few weeks ago to share her story. Since the story aired, Campbell has had her daughter taken away from her. She is suddenly changing her tune.

Campbell, calling herself Sheena Upton now, appeared on TMZ telling a completely different story. Upton said she was pretending to be a Kerry Campbell, a woman who would inject her daughter with botox. She said she was paid 200 dollars by British agency Claire Steven Limited to portray this woman and that she felt “manipulated” and “pushed into it”. To back up her story, Upton took her daughter Britney to a dermatologist to examine her daughter Britney. She said that the results showed that her daughter hasn’t received Botox or other injections.

Although Upton may be recanting her story, many people are saying that the original story is true. The freelance journalist who first broke the news story says she witnessed Upton inject her daughter with small amounts of botox twice and took photos. She also checked Upton’s identification, and it said she was Kerry Campbell. A family friend, Michelle Cespuglio, said that she also witnessed Upton administer the injections.

Child protective services are still investigating what really has been happening.

Some of Upton’s story makes sense. During the original interview on Good Morning America, the mother was clearly coaching her daughter. However, much of it doesn’t make sense. Although she took her daughter to a doctor to check for signs of botox, there would be no trace of it left anyway. (Her daughter last received injections 3 months ago.) In addition to this, why would someone accept only 200 dollars to pretend that they are injected their daughter with an unknown substance. I don’t think even the most dimwitted dimwit would do such a thing.  It’s also pretty hard to believe that the mother had no idea what botox is.

Here’s what I think the real story is. Upton really is Campbell and she really did want her daughter to succeed in pageants, so she did inject her daughter with botox. When her daughter was taken away, Campbell created this story to get her daughter back.

What do you think? Is this woman telling the truth now or is she just one big liar? Comment below!

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