Did Beyonce Steal Another Artist’s Performance?

For me, Sunday nights are devoted to watching the Simpsons and Family Guy on Fox and Strange Sex on TLC so when it was time for Beyonce to preform I didn’t see it. But all the people I’m following on Twitter who watched it said was amazing. Of course by the time I saw this, it was over. Anyway, it has come to my attention that Beyoncé’s performance borrowed heavily from another artist.

Here is Beyonce’s performance and Lorella Cuccarini’s (the Italian artist Beyonce borrowed from) performance. I recommend you turn the sound off or down because the different audio can be a little hard on the ears.


As you can see, the performances are not the same but they are very similar. According to Beyonce, she was only inspired by Lorella’s performance and met with the company, Kenzo Media, to design something specifically for her. Although the company admits to borrowing from Lorella’s performance, they said there are also distinct differences. Before completing the process, Beyonce asked permission to use some of the elements Loretta had in her performance.

Beyonce at the Billboard Music Awards

After the video comparing both performances was put on the internet the day after the performance, the public’s reaction to Beyonce’s Billboard Music Awards performance has been filled with mixed reviews. Some thought that Beyonce’s performance was innovative and fresh. Others thought it lacked originality. Some thought those who didn’t approve of Beyonce’s performance were haters, others thought it was a despicable act of theft.

Most people don’t realize that things like issues like this are not so cut and dry. They say intimation is the highest form of flattery, but sometimes this “flattery” may be deemed as plagiarism. According to the dictionary, plagiarism is defined as the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work. Technically, since Beyonce got Lorella’s permission, the performance wasn’t  plagiarized.  After the video that compared the performances came out, Beyonce also admitted that she used the video as inspiration, giving credit where credit was due. HOWEVER, what if the video that compared the performances never came out? Would Beyonce have kept quiet or would she have admitted that Loretta’s performance was her inspiration anyway?  Would she have let everyone believe she was the first to use this innovative technology?

As an artist, it’s common to gain inspiration from others. As a writer, some of my best ideas come from movies or songs or just things I see in real life or read about. I know rappers, musicians and actual artists that do the same. And that’s fine as long as you’re not ripping off the originator or giving them credit where credit is due WITHOUT speculation or prompting from outside sources.  With that being said, Beyonce should have had this information released before they could even post a comparison video. Someone can’t call you a copycat if you beat them to the punch.

What do you guys think? Is Beyonce responsible for theft or was just trying something new? Leave a comment and thanks for reading!

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