Why The New “Girl Power” Movement is Contradictory

Although I was unable to embed the link, I think this video says it all. But I have my own issues to address here, so watch the video if you want, but reading this post ISN’T optional! (I’m kidding guys! You know you never have to read anything I write.)


Like the young lady talking in the video, I too have issues with Beyonce’s new single, Run the World (Girls). First off, the song may seem empowering for women by saying that girls run the world, but look/listen to the lyrics. Google them or go to your favorite lyric site. (I personally prefer A to Z lyrics, but whatever floats your proverbial boat.) As you can see, little of it has to do with actually empowering women. To me, it’s the female equivalent of the saying fuck bitches, get money. Sorry, Beyonce, but I don’t think that’s very empowering or motivating.

This is how girls run the world? Never would have guessed

The other issue I have with the song is the video. How about instead of dancing in heels and barely there outfits, we show EMPOWERING, NOT SEXUALIZED images of women. As women we are all sexy and beautiful, but we can be just as hot wearing clothes. Instead of dancing and blowing stuff up, images of women as doctors, lawyers, executives, mothers, preachers, nurses, models, teachers, artists, congresswomen, police, or firefighters should have been shown. If girls really run the world, SHOW THEM RUNNING IT!

But Beyonce isn’t the only one guilty of doing this. There are other female singers and celebrities out there who say they are all about empowering women, but then send them contradictory messages like this. For example, right after Keri Hilson released Pretty Girl Rock, she released The Way You Love Me and that was the polar opposite.

They're getting younger and younger. She's only 15!

So whatever is a girl to do? There are conflicting messages surrounding us EVERYWHERE. Women are capable of doing the same job as a man but get paid less for it. Society dictates that women dress in a sexy manner, but if she gets raped while wearing that attire, she asked for it because she was drawing sexual attention to herself. If a girl hangs out with a lot of guys she’s a slut, but if she doesn’t hang around many guys she’s a lesbian. Girls run the world, but women are considered a minority and treated as such. Is anyone else as confused as I am?

I’m all for the empowerment of women. (Just read over some of my older blog posts.) But the people who are “launching” the movement need to be more consistent with it. Don’t tell me girls run the world and then show women dancing in provocative clothing who aren’t running anything. Don’t tell me I can be beautiful with my clothes on and then rip them off the next time you address me. Be consistent.

And ladies, please pull the wool from over your eyes. Yes, we have the right to be sexy. (Trust me, I got booty shorts and tube tops and corset tops that I like to wear.) But don’t get mad when people call you a whore if you are consistently looking and acting like one. A woman is more than her breasts, her butt, and her thighs. A woman is more than a human incubator. So strive to be more. Respect yourself and respect other women cause we are all in the same boat.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I just got the urge to burn a bra.

Thanks for reading! Agree or disagree with what’s been said in this post? Comment! I reply! =]

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