10 Dangerous Driving Habits

Everyone thinks he or she is an excellent driver. It’s the people around us that are terrible. To help make sure everyone is safe on the road this summer, I decided to write a post about ten common dangerous driving habits.

Talking on your cell phone:  Talking on your cell phone can be a major distraction. As we all know, distractions increase your risk of causing an accident. If you don’t cause a wreck, you may weave in and out of the lines, stop suddenly or cause other potential hazards for yourself and others around you.

Hang up if you love Christ.

Texting: Texting while driving can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. By diverting your attention to phone, you won’t be able to see what’s happening on the road. You could run a light or run into someone. You could drift onto the side of the road. Either way, the consequences of texting while driving outweighs the rewards of texting.

Speeding: Always drive at speeds optimal to road conditions. Just because the speed limit is 55 mph, it doesn’t mean that it is the appropriate speed for the situation. Rain, sleet, snow and snow can drastically reduce braking, handling and visibility, so one should use caution when driving in these types of conditions. In addition, you could also endanger the lives of others by causing them to lose control or visibility.

Not Using Turn Signals: You’ve seen people like this. They don’t put on their turn signals while turning or changing lanes. The person behind them might not be able to slow down or make room and an accident is formed.

Leaving High Beams On: Visibility on the road at night is limited enough without someone coming from the opposite direction blinding you. Leaving the high beams could cause someone to be blinded temporarily or lose control. It could also to lead them to return the favor and that could be disastrous.

Staying in the Passing Lane: Contrary to popular belief, the passing lane is for passing. With that being said, it isn’t to drive at a slow and steady pace or to drive like a bat out of hell. You speed up, pass who you want to pass, and then promptly return to the right side of the road. Don’t get over on the left and drive slow. Someone will come up fast and try to hit you. Don’t get over on the right and pretend your a Nascar driver either because you’ll get a ticket or lose control.

RIP Ryan Dunn

Driving While Intoxicated: Take a note from the tragic accident involving Jackass star Ryan Dunn whose blood alcohol level was 1.96.Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can be extremely dangerous. Drugs and alcohol lower your reaction time, inhibitions and can cloud your judgement. It can cause you to injure yourself or others and has the potential to be debilitating or deadly. According to statics, every 30 minutes there is an accident involving those under the influence. Every hour there is a fatal accident. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor. Don’t drink and drive.

Improperly Secured Loads: Going to purchase a mattress, wood, a refrigerator or washer? Driving it home with you? MAKE SURE IT’S PROPERLY SECURED!!! The drivers behind you don’t want a washing machine coming at them at 70 mph. You definitely don’t want your hard earned money left in the middle of the road either.

Tailgating: Some people have forgotten basic drivers education. NEVER tailgate. It doesn’t make the person in front of you speed up. In fact, it may make them slow down. If the stop suddenly you’ll smack right into them and have to pay some hefty insurance claims. So please tailgaters, save that for sporting events and concerts and just pass people who are driving too slow for you.

Driving Too Slow: If the speed limit is 55 mph, don’t go 25. Going too slow can cause just as many accidents as driving too fast can. So do us all a favor. Drive the speed limit.

Did any miss any? What driving habits do you find the worst? Leave some comments.


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