Is Van Gogh’s Self Portrait Really His Brother?

The portrait in question
Recognize this painting? If so, you would know this painting was crafted by famous Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh.
Many historians and art experts believe that the painting was a self portrait. However, researchers at Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum believe that is really of his younger brother Theo. Theo who was five years younger than Van Gogh, died six months after his brother committed suicide.

Theo Van Gogh
Senior researcher Louis van Tilborgh says that he and his team of researchers came to this conclusion because the painting looks like pictures of the younger brother. The eye color, style of dress, neatness of the beard and roundness of the ear are all characteristics of Theo. The findings of the investigation are published in a 600 page catalog compiled by Van Tilborgh and three other researchers at the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum.
What do you think? Does the painting really look like Theo or do you think it’s Van Gogh?

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