There’s a Nap For That

Me preparing for a nap!

If you’re like me, then you love a good nap. So do college students and small children, and rightfully so. It turns out that napping reaps several health benefits. Naps reduce stress, increase alertness, productivity and cognitive function, improve memory and learning and boost creativity. It’s also good for your heart. Here’s a quick guide to how long you need to nap to reap the benefits.

1o Minute Naps

Need a quick boost? A 10 minute nap will fight fatigue and increase cognitive function for at least 2 and half hours.

20 Minute Naps  

Although you may feel groggy for about 35 minutes, 20 minute naps will improve reaction time and performance.

30 Minute Naps

A 30 minute nap will have you feeling groggy for 5 minutes, but it will also make you more fit mentally and more alert.

45-90 Minute Naps

Because naps that last 45-90 minutes don’t allow you to complete a full sleep cycle, you may end up feeling worse than before.

90-110 Minute Naps

Frequently taking naps this long may indicate a sleeping disorder. Although you’re completing a sleep cycle, it may indicate that you need help.

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