Forgotten Toys From My Childhood

At one point or another, everyone misses his or her childhood. Let’s face it, our childhoods were a simpler time. We didn’t know hate, rejection, heartbreak, pain, sickness or death. We didn’t have a care in the world. There were no troubles or hardships to jade our experiences or cause us pain.

Tickle Me Elmo

I saw an article on the interweb that highlighted some long forgotten childhood toys and it brought back a lot of memories. In honor of my childhood (I was a 90s baby), I decided to create a post dedicated to some of the cool toys I had growing up. Enjoy!

Tickle Me Elmo: Originally released in 1996, Tickle Me Elmo became a sensation. You gave Elmo a squeeze and he would laugh and shake. Every kid on the planet wanted a Tickle Me Elmo. They would quickly fly off the shelves and parents would literally get into fights over them. Elmo wasn’t my favorite Sesame Street character, but I will admit it was an awesome toy.

Chia Pets: Okay, not a toy and they originated in 1982, but they were pretty popular in the 90s. I had asked for one a couple Christmases and even got one for my grandmother one year. Now days I don’t really see the appeal of Chia Pets, but at the time they were awesome. You spread the seed stuff on the character shaped pot, watered it, and it would be covered in green plants. Maybe that’s what was cool about it.

Beanie Babies: Beanie Babies came out in 1993 and were an instant hit. These cute little stuffed animals each had a name and a poem written inside their heart-shaped tags. Adorable ❤

The Pokemon Franchise: Everyone loved Pokemon in the 90s. There was just something about the cute Japanese monsters that drove kids wild. Every kid I knew played the Pokemon video games or collected Pokemon cards. (After all, you had to catch em all.) I still have most of my Pokemon cards and still occasionally play the games.

Gameboy Color: The Gameboy Color came out in November 1998 and EVERYONE (even adults) wanted one. I remember how excited I was when my uncle brought home a Gameboy Color for me and a whole bunch of games. Even though I wasn’t really supposed to, I would bring it to school and play. I would occasionally let my friends play with it too. It was just an awesome thing to have with an awesome array of games. You could even say it paved the way for other handheld devices like the PSP.

Rubik’s Cube: Although they originally came out in the 70s, they were still pretty popular in the 90s.

Furbies were created by Satan

Digital Pets: Tamagochi, Giga pets, and Nano Babies hit the stores around 1996 and were extremely successful. Lots of parents used these to help teach their kids responsibility. You had to feed it, clean up its mess, put it to sleep, and made sure it had plenty of love and attention. Maybe children now days need things like this to show them what it’s like to care for a child.

Furby: I got a Furby for Christmas one year and wished it a slow, terrible death! Furbies looked like a cross between a Gremlin and a furry owl and were ridiculously annoying. They spoke this weird language and as you cared for them it was supposed to learn English. Unfortunately, the only English my Furby ended up learning were a few naughty words and shut up. Go figure.

Beyblades: Not exactly a 90s toy, but since they came out in 2003 they were a staple in my childhood. These spinning tops were based on a popular Japanese TV series. I didn’t really care for them, but I had a few because my crush was into them.

Did I forget any? What kind of toys did you have a kid? Share your stories with me! I’m a big kid and would LOVE to talk about toys with you guys!

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