Church Robbery Goes Digital

Times are rough, but there is no excuse for this.

Hackers stole 68, 000 dollars from a church in Des Moines Iowa. The money was going to be used to help the homeless and abused women.

Robbery via the interwebs

The hackers used a method known as account takeover fraud. This technique is usually used by hackers in Europe who target small towns institutions or civil groups that lack sophisticated or advanced protection. What the hackers do is send their targets emails that appear to be from a friend or the IRS. Once the target clicks on a link provided in the email, a bug infects the computer and steals sensitive information such as the password to an online banking account. Once the hackers has the password, they are able to access the target’s bank account and transfer it into their own.

Luckily for the church, insurance and the bank were able to reimburse them the full amount, but this is not always the case.

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