‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Died of Natural Causes

Gone but Not Forgotten RIP Macho Man

On May 20, 2011 Macho Man Randy Savage (born Randy Poffo) and his wife were driving in his Jeep Wrangler. He became unresponsive while driving, and the vehicle flipped over a concrete median and into oncoming traffic before skidding into a tree. Although the car accident did cause some minor injuries, it was deemed that heart problems were the cause of death.

At the time of the accident, it was unclear as to whether the heart condition caused the crash or if he only died because of his heart condition. Although the coroner found therapeutic levels of prescription drugs in his system, there were traces of heart medication or alcohol in his system.

An official autopsy report released last week revealed that Savage died from natural causes-heart disease-and not injuries sustained in the crash. His heart was enlarged and the arteries hardened. He was only 58 years old.

Rest in Peace Macho Man!

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