Teen Mom Season 3 Premiere

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you know that I LOVE Teen Mom. Last night, July 5, was the season premiere and I was pretty hyped for it. I kind of missed seeing the girls struggle and triumph as young mothers (and of course remind me why having a baby at a young age isn’t for me.)

The original girls

Here’s what happened on the season premiere for those of you who didn’t watch. Farrah patched everything up with her mom. She got a boob job and wrote up a will in case anything happened to her. Amber and Gary got back together and did a counseling session to help them overcome their issues. Catelynn patched things up with her mom too. When people tried to break into their home, Catelynn and her mom decided to find a new place. She and Tyler consider moving into together. Maci thinks that Ryan isn’t playing his child support, but it all turns out to be a huge misunderstanding. Ryan wants to meet Kyle, who is reluctant at first, but decides to do it for Maci and Bentley’s sake.

Needless to say I was kind of disappointed with the premiere. I’m not exactly sure why, but nothing really grabbed my attention. Ryan always treats Maci bad, Amber and Gary are ALWAYS off and on. Although I can relate to Farrah in some ways, she is still bratty and rude to me and I could care less about her boob job. I love Catelynn and Tyler, but….I don’t know. Their bond wasn’t enough to save the premiere. Or maybe I’ve simply outgrown the show. Who knows?

The rest of the season looks pretty good though and I plan on watching it. I hope it gets better.

Did any of you watch the premiere? What did you think?

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