Rebecca Black Seeks Another Moment

After all the ridicule, taunting, and teasing 14-year-old Rebecca Black isn’t giving up her dreams of having a career as a musician. The singer of the atrocious Friday, has followed up with a new single (and video) called My Moment.  The song is your standard teenage ditty about overcoming your troubles and proving those who doubted you wrong. In the song she talks about the many opportunities that mass hatred online has brought her like limo rides, back up dancers, movie premieres, TV show appearances and notoriety. And of course, she tells all her haters that she will be successful no matter what they say.

As for Black’s vocals, well not much has changed. The style’s more refined and she does demonstrate that she has range, but she still has a long way to go if she wants to be considered a serious a singer. (Or she could just strip down like other pop stars. Works for Britney Spears. But I guess they can’t advise a 14-year-old to do that.)

The video itself is pretty boring and standard. Black is shown singing in the studio with a band behind her. She’s out signing autographs, meeting fans, being in Hollywood, singing to crowds and of course, being a headliner. It’s stuff teenage dreams are made of, but it doesn’t exactly make for an exciting video.

Although Black has made a cameo appearance in Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F), it looks like there isn’t much of a future for Black in the music industry. Even though she’s young and slightly adorable, she doesn’t have much talent. And honestly, you need a little talent to make it in whatever field you choose (be it a music career or a regular 9 to 5.)

My Moment is now available on iTunes. Black will drop a 5 song EP in August. Get your fix with the music video and tell me what you think.

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