The Breast Milk Baby

The Breast Milk Baby is coming to America and many parents aren’t happy about it.

Breast Milk Baby is a doll that comes with a special halter top. As you can see in the commercial, the child lifts the doll to where the nipple should be on the halter top to feed the baby. Berjuan Toys, the company who makes Breast Milk Baby, launched the breastfeeding doll in the United States last week. Their intention is to teach young children about the benefits of breastfeeding. The company also claims that the doll allows young girls to express love and affection in the most natural way possible.

Although Breast Milk Baby is a hit in some countries, many Americans find the doll inappropriate and believes that it glorifies pregnancy. As you may have already guessed, Berjuan Toys believes the doll is educational and demonstrates a natural and loving process. A spokesman for the company was quoted as saying “churches all over the world are filled with images of Mary nursing baby Jesus and God supports the breast milk baby.”

What do you think? Is the Breast Milk Baby creepy and inappropriate or educational and natural?

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