Howdy readers! Just wanted to update you guys on a couple of things and answer a few random questions I’ve gotten. I don’t know if you guys are regulars or just passing through, but either way it’s good info. If you’re not interested, today’s regular post is scheduled for 9 am. See ya then! For those who are interested in my updates/answers keep reading!

Classic me

The first thing I want to address is when I’ll be posting. When I wasn’t working it was pretty easy to update every day, but now it’s harder for me to that. I will still try to post every day, but on some days it won’t be guaranteed. There will definitely be posts on Sunday. Right now I’m looking to guarantee posts on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The rest will be extra, but I will still try to provide you with posts EVERY day. You guys and this blog are important to me, so unless I’m super sick or without internet or phone access, I will keep posting!

The next thing I want to address is some content changes. For my regulars, you know that no topic is untouched. That’s staying the same. What’s changing is what I post on what days. Sundays will remain Soulful Sundays. I’m looking to do request posts on Monday or Friday, depending on the subject. On a random of the week (right now I’m thinking Thursday or Friday), I will do a personal post. It’ll be about something from my life or someone I know so you guys can get to know me and what I’m about better. It’s also for my benefit too. It does make me feel better to vent to strangers and passerbys for some reason.

The third thing I want to do is answer a question I’ve gotten from a lot of people. I usually schedule my posts ahead of time. Usually they are written a day or two ahead of time. So you see a post before noon, it means I wrote it ahead of time. Anything after that was written on that day.

Finally, I want to talk about requests. I DO take them! The two posts from July 25, Who is Anonymous and In The Spirit of Requests, were requested! There were a few others I did on requests including ones on relationships and music. If you have a request please tweet me @triffic_tinika or leave a comment, email or even Facebook me! I will do posts on all requests as long as I don’t find them offensive or harmful in any way.

Thanks for checking the updates! Today’s post is scheduled at 9 am! Please come back! Thanks for the support and love! It means the world to me.


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