Anonymous Hacks Police Stations Nationwide

Hacking group Anonymous made headlines again this weekend when they and LulzSec released a 10 gigabyte file with information that was stolen from police stations across the United States. The file contains information from more than 70 law enforcement agencies. It includes social security numbers, private emails, credit card details and confidential tips sent from informants. Both hacking groups wanted to show their solidarity and support of group members that have been arrested and facing charges.  The hope is to embarrass, discredit and incriminate police officers across the U.S.   

This particular team of hackers going by the name of AntiSec (aka Anti-Security), released this file that contains about 100,000 emails from police officers in a variety of states including Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas and Louisiana. Some of these emails include tips about seemingly illegal activities throughout the areas. They also include the names and addresses of tipsters and the supposed offenders.

Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation is heading a criminal investigation against Anonymous, there appear to be two reasons why local law enforcement has been targeted. First and foremost, the local law enforcement agencies that were hacked are part of the law enforcement community. Secondly, a security flaw made them easy targets. AntiSec had compromised servers at Brooks-Jeffery, a company that builds websites for local law enforcement throughout the southern U.S. According to AntiSec it only took 24 hours to root into Brook-Jeffery’s servers and copy all the data.

Although most of law enforcement websites that were hacked were restored by Sunday morning,there are still some that remain offline.

The battle seems to be heating up. Will Anonymous or the law win? Post some opinions.

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