8Things Christmas Movies Have Taught Me

A scene from The Little Drummer Boy

Readers, I have another confession to make. I LOVE Christmas movies! No matter how shitty I’m feeling or what time of year it is, I can put on a Christmas movie and instantly feel better. This post is dedicated to all the wonderful Christmas movies I love, to all the wonderful lessons they teach, and to all the people who love them as much as I do!

Lesson 8: EVERYONE has good inside them

Let’s face it. There are a lot of wicked people out there. We’ve all encountered people that we thought were the devil himself. Although there is a lot of evil within a lot of people, most aren’t as bad as they seem. There’s good inside everyone. All you need to do is look.

The Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge are perfect examples. Although they were mean and rotten individuals in the beginning, they turned out to really be good and kind-hearted inside. They just needed to look inside themselves and at others to bring the good out.

Movies that teach this lesson: How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Cartoon or live action. I prefer the cartoon) Santa Claus is Coming to Town and A Christmas Carol.

Lesson 7: The best revelations occur when you’re unconscious 

After awakening from a crash, George Bailey realizes he had a wonderful life.

Did you ever week up from a dream and become inspired or have a the answer to a problem you’ve been trying to solve? Although you may not be consciously trying to work out your problems while you’re sleeping, your brain may be able to. Although our body may be resting our brain is not. The unconscious mind knows more than what our conscious mind does anyway. This why some of our best revelations come to us while we are sleeping or “unconscious”.

Think about it. When Scrooge was sleeping in a Christmas Carol, three angels paid him a visit. When he awoke from his unconscious state, he realized that he had to change his ways or he was doomed! The same goes for George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. He was going to kill himself after he crashed his car into a tree, but thanks to the help of an angel, he discovered that the world was a better place with him in it. When he awoke in his car after the crash, he realized that he had truly been living a wonderful life.

Movies that teach this lesson: A Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life

Good Grief!

Lesson 6: Christmas is about more than presents

Christmas is more about buying the most expensive and extravagant presents you can find. It’s about being with friends and family. The Grinch discovered this when all the Whos in Whoville celebrated Christmas without the boxes, ribbons or bags. Although Aaron, the little drummer boy, was poor and no real gift to offer baby Jesus, he played him a song and in return his friend, the lamb, was healed. The people who lived in the village Jack Frost visited were too poor to give presents, so they gave each other pretend presents and were just as happy as they would be if they received real ones.

Movies that teach this lesson: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jack Frost, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown and The Little Drummer Boy

Lesson 5: BELIEVE in miracles

Miracles surround us every day. The sad thing is that most go unnoticed. It’s not because they are so small, so insignificant. It’s because we don’t believe in them. It’s hard to believe in things we can’t see. It’s hard to believe there are forces and entities out there that can’t be explained or are out of our control. The more we ignore these things, the less of them we see. This could afford us to miss out on a lot of opportunities.

On Polar Express, the little boy does not believe in Santa Claus. Although he decides to take the Polar Express to the North Pole, he is still skeptical about Santa’s existence. Despite the many wondrous things that happen on his way to Santa’s workshop, he does not completely believe in Santa and the miracle that he is until he discovers he can’t hear Santa’s sleigh bells unless he believes. So he does.  And his eyes are open to endless possibilities.

Movies that teach this lesson: Polar Express

Even the Grinch had Max by his side during Christmas time

Lesson 4: Believe in yourself

We all have doubts and people who will always oppose us and our dreams. Don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t do something, because you can. On Olive the Other Reindeer, Olive wanted to go to the North Pole and help pull Santa’s sleigh. Many people told her she couldn’t because she was a dog. Olive didn’t listen to them and made it to the North Pole just in time to save Christmas.

Movies that teach this lesson: Olive the Other Reindeer

Lesson 3: Christmas is about family and friends

Don’t let all the commercialism fool you. Christmas is more than about shopping and buying extravagant gifts. It’s about being with your friends and family.

Movies that teach this lesson: All of them!

Lesson 2: Be yourself

Movies such as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Olive the Other Reindeer, and Jack Frost show that the best person you can be is yourself. No one is perfect, but everyone has traits or characteristics that can be of value. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are weird or worthless. Don’t let anyone try to change you or pretend to be something you’re not.

Movies that teach this lesson: Jack Frost, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Nestor, the Long Eared Christmas Donkey, Olive the Other Reindeer and Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.

Lesson 1: Be Kind

Treat everyone with respect and kindness. You never know who you could be treating unkindly. Nestor, the Long Eared Christmas Donkey, helped carry Mary to the manger. Rudolph helped pulled Santa’s sleigh.

Movies that teach this lesson: All of them!

2 thoughts on “8Things Christmas Movies Have Taught Me

  1. I love watching Christmas movies, too. They are gentle reminders. It just gets the brain in gear to do better and keep Christmas in your heart all year long….(even though it gets really really difficult by summer HA HA) Merry Merry Christmas, peace, and a bright new year to you.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one haha. I’m kind of sad It’s a Wonderful Life hasn’t been on much this year. I don’t think I’ve seen it on TV once this season. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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