Baby Fever

Sometimes I used to feel like the only crazy person in a perfectly sane world. As of late, I’m beginning to feel like the only sane person in a world gone mad. My case in point, dear readers, is below. Enjoy. 

Is it just me, or is everyone and their little sister (literally) getting pregnant? It seems that every time I log onto Facebook or Twitter,someone is announcing they’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I’m bombarded with posts on check ups and morning sickness. The soon to be mothers show off their baby bumps and those cute little pictures pregnant women take with their husbands or boyfriends or baby daddies. There are also the ones that have already had a child or two and they constantly post pictures or statuses of their adorable antics around the house or out and about.

Fetuses log onto Facebook too

It’s cute. Loving. Sweet. But dear Lord, it drives me NUTS!!

I really wouldn’t have a problem with these surges in pregnancy (most people do get pregnant during winter because well…why be cold outside when you can be hot inside?), if it weren’t for my age and the ages of these soon to be mothers. I’m 20; I’ll be 21 in 11 days. Most of these soon to be mothers are UNDER the age of 25! I went to high school with most of these girls. I knew a few in college. And already we’re having babies, getting married, and living behind white picket fences?


Am I missing something?

Sadly, I feel slightly behind the eight ball thanks to Facebook and Twitter announcements. I feel like I should be getting married (or at least in a serious, long-term relationship again). I feel like I should be having babies. I feel like I should be getting ready to live behind a white picket fence. Instead I’m single, working my butt off to get back to school, and hate white picket fences. But alas, I have baby fever. My biological clock is ticking so loud I want to bang the hell out of it with a hammer.

Go figure.

Don’t worry readers. I’m not going to go out and get pregnant. No sex or sperm banks for me. Although I would love to be a mother and think motherhood is a beautiful thing, I know I’m not ready. I can barely support myself now, let alone a baby. When I do decide to have one, I want to able to fully care for him or her. I don’t want to rely on my mom or uncle for money, clothes, food and shelter. I also want to have a kid with my husband or fiance. Someone I know who won’t walk out on me or hurt me. Someone who can help support me and our child, even though I know I’m capable of doing it on my own. I don’t want to be a single mom.

I’m not judging or saying women under 25 are bad mothers. To be honest, I think most of them are amazing. They really love their children and work hard to support them. I’m not saying single moms are unfit mothers either. They too are amazing, and I respect any woman brave enough to have a child and raise him or her on her own.

But aren’t we still…YOUNG? We’re barely adults, practically children raising children. Shouldn’t we be making sure we have college degrees and good paying jobs? Shouldn’t we be making sure our finances are in order? Shouldn’t we wait until we’re in love and in a stable relationship? I’m not saying that this can’t be accomplished while pregnant or having a child at a young age. What I am saying though is aren’t we forcing ourselves to have too much responsibility and grow up too fast?

What do you guys think about this? How young is too young to get pregnant? Do you wish you waited a little longer before having children?  Throw your thoughts at me in a comment!


3 thoughts on “Baby Fever

  1. Just dropping by to see how you were doing and wish you Happy New Year.
    But you asked some questions in this post. Kids need a stable environment – and a mom + family who are ready to be parents ( you give up a lot – and kids do cost a lot of money). Kids aren’t accessories. There may be some advantages of having kid while young (maybe more energy?), but older moms are often more settled (having accomplished school/ career/traveling) and more willing to give up things and spend time focusing on child. Some research says older moms are calmer and deal with the stresses of having a kid. But it depends on the person. No one should have a kid until they feel ready – that’s the bottom line. (and there’s lots of moms over 30)
    Take care and all the best with the adventures waiting in the new year.

  2. I do agree that a lot of people are having them at a young age, and that could be a good or bad thing. I think as long as you know your partner will stay there, and you are mature enough to take on the responsibility then you should be ok…though I’m not saying it’s always easy…I would know, being 18 and in high school when I had Jasmine, We didn’t plan it, but it happens, and we made sure we knew the consequences before doing what makes a baby. We both agreed that if we weren’t ready to possibly take care of a baby, then we shouldn’t do it. Of course, I always wanted to be a mom, so I didn’t really care how early it happened, I’ve been taking care of babies since I was about 3.
    What gets me though, is yeah, I see a lot of people post about having babies…actually I counted 2 nights ago, I have at least 19 pregnant or new mothers on my facebook. To be honest, YES, I have bad baby fever due to it…but I know right now is not a good time to have a baby, even though I would love to have more. The sad thing about all those people is, as I look at their page (even the mothers I have on mine who have 4-6 yr olds) most of them are no longer with their babies dad. It upsets me. I’m my eyes you shouldn’t do it unless you two are committed and want to make sure everything works. I’m not saying Josh and my relationship is perfect, we have had some really bad tomes, but we work through it. Our kids get to have mommy and daddy together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It just makes me sad to see people saying “oh I don’t have my kids this Christmas” or “I miss them, they are at their dads house”…well if waited until you knew the person you were with was the one for you, and you were in a committed relationship, maybe that wouldn’t have happened. I mean I know things could still happen no matter what…but still. It makes me feel bad for the kids. I don’t know what it feels like to only have 1 parent (well until my dad passed, but I was moved out by then. My parents did have huge fights sometimes, but I always had my mommy and daddy…how would you explain to a kid that daddy doesn’t live with you, or why daddy has another woman or a child with someone else. I see a lot of people having babies before they are ready. A lot of people coming to me to ask me questions…even after they had a baby. People who don’t take care of their babies right, and people who are with abusive ahole as a baby dad, got smart enough to leave him, but then went back. If he could hurt you, what is saying that maybe when he is drunk he wouldn’t hurt his kid? It worries me. I worry about every ones kid, just like when I read an atrical about parents going to jail for abusing for killing their children…HOW? how can a parent hurt or kill their child…how do you have a baby after carrying it for 9 months and not love it? how is that even possible? I could never understand it. Why keep the baby if you don’t want it, give it to a family who wants it instead…ugh! There was a time I went to an interview for a babysitting job, the baby was crying horribly and the parents couldn’t get her to stop…I picked her up, talked to her and did my usual mom thing and she stopped, the parents were amazed…and I could always tell by any babies cry what is wrong most the time. And I get gut feelings about things. It’s weird, its as if I was just meant to be taking care of kids.

    A lot of people always ask me if I regret having my kids so young…but no, I don’t. I mean it was hard being pregnant in school, going through sr yr with a new born and all, but I did it. I graduated and have a diploma…I didn’t drop out or get a ged like most people do these days. I like that I am so young, I can relate to my kids better, we have more in common, I am able to play witht hem more and do more with them, I will be here longer for them…I could probably go on and on. Sometimes I wonder how things would be if I didn’t have kids, but I do not regret them. I love being a mommy, Jasmine has saved my life, Aiden is really smart, it just makes me speechless. I have no idea where I would be without them. Maybe things with money and our own place would have been better, but after having them, I wouldn’t go back in time to go find out. They each hold a piece of my heart.

    Idk where else I’m going with this…I feel like I am just rambling on. But you know most of this about me anyway…you knew me pretty much from the start of mu journey with mommy hood.

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