The Dangers Of Overly High Self Esteem

Many people think that best cure for low self esteem is high self esteem. Although that seems logical, having high self esteem may not be as wonderful as it’s thought to be. According to research, those with an inflated sense of self esteem may be as damaged as those with low self esteem.

Take with Caution

Those with overly high self esteem often view themselves as superior to others due to an unrealistically positive view of themselves. They may seem arrogant, self indulgent and believe that they deserve special privileges. Overly high self esteem has also been linked to criminality and aggressive behavior.

Thanks to new studies focusing on self esteem, researchers are beginning to find that there are different types of high self esteem. Those with “secure” or healthy self esteem accept themselves faults and all. They do not blame others or make excuses for past mistakes and bad experiences. Those with “fragile” or overly high self esteem on the other hand, tend to compensate for their self doubts by doing what they can to protect, defend, and enhance their self image, even if it means blaming others and making excuses. This type of defensiveness is also seen in individuals with low self esteem.

Like many things in life, the key to healthy self esteem is balance. Remember that those around you have their own special skills and talents. Think of others, not only yourself. Accept your faults as well as your strengths. Have realistic expectations of yourself and those around you. Doing your best and being the best you that you can possibly is the most important thing you can do to have healthy levels of self esteem.

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