Nanowrimo Ate My Soul

Hello boys and girls!

As you may know, last month (November) I decided to try to conquer the beast that is Nanowrimo. And I did. Exceptionally well might I add. I wrote 51,096 words in 27 days. Some days were really hard, especially when I was working hours that conflicted with my best writing times (at night when everyone’s in bed). Some days were really easy. I did my best to exceed the expected word goals for the day. It was so exhausting and sickening at some points, but I did it. And I felt very, very, very proud to have a written a book. I’ve always wanted to write a whole book and it was just the push I needed to get it done.

So because of the time constraints between work and being so focused on winning Nanowrimo, I didn’t post anything on here. I didn’t post this first week in December because there were some things that needed tending to once all the madness was over. Now that my life is no longer a hurricane, I can actually mange to blog again. Still will be Tuesday and Thursday posts. This one’s a Sunday treat. Yay!

At first I had some reservations, but I plan on getting the novel I wrote during Nanowrimo published. I’m going to self publish, even though I have some reservations about that. It’s a big, scary process, but I hope to have it all accomplished by March. After reading and fixing the syntax and grammar issues, I handed it off to a friend who is currently reading it. Then the real editing will begin!

The novel is called Madness. It’s about a rape victim and a war victim who both suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and how they heal from their experiences. I think it’s a good book, but we’ll see what my friend and other beta readers thing. Wish me luck!

Aside from trying to become the next great novelist, I’ve been doing much better than I was in October. Writing Madness helped me purge a lot of bad feelings I was having. It helped me explore my issues and realize there were things in me I didn’t notice before. I’m not as broken as I thought I was.

I’ve gotten back into the dating game and that has been going really well. I’m really happy with the person I’m seeing and although there may be some bumps further down the road if we officially become an item,  I’m okay with that. He is a great person. He appreciates me. He’s truthful. He makes me feel beautiful. I just hope it lasts and the bubble doesn’t burst.

Other than that things are fine. I will see all your lovely faces on Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Ate My Soul

  1. Congratulations! My Nano experience wasn’t quite so successful, but I’m glad I tried it anyway. Good luck on the publishing 🙂 It sounds like a great story.

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