Does God Take Attendance?

There are two things I was taught NEVER to talk about: politics and religion. Why? Because if your views differ from someone else’s, the conversation is almost guaranteed to end badly. 

I look at it like this. If your views are different from mine and I know it will cause a problem, for the sake of our relationship, it’s best to agree to disagree and then never speak of it again. It’s my religious and political version of keep your hands to yourself. No one ever gets hurt.

Not everyone sees it like that though. There are some people who feel an overwhelming NEED to crowd others with their beliefs. They quote scripture and look down on you just because you’re not in church every Sunday shouting, screaming, and singing to the Lord. They think they’re better than you all because they put a considerable amount in the collection plate and go to bible study or special services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You know the type. The people who are so self-righteous that if you listen to them talk for more than five minutes you’d think THEY were the ones who got crucified.

These same people you see claiming you “don’t have Jesus in your heart” and “need more God in your life.” are usually the biggest hypocrites you could ever meet.  Oh yeah, you went to church on Sunday and showed your love and appreciation for God. What about Monday through Saturday? What would God think about your actions then?

Perhaps, I shouldn’t throw stones at these people. After all, I live in a glass house too. But I know what’s in MY heart and who is anyone to judge me? I thought only God could do that. Besides, I think some people need to look in the mirror before they go saying someone is going to Hell or isn’t living right.

Cases in point….

What have you done for him lately? What have you done to show God that you are truly His servant? Have you volunteered at a soup kitchen? Helped someone less fortunate? Have you shown anyone any kindness or mercy? No? Have a seat then.

God is not a genie. There was a man who prayed to God every day to win the lottery. He never won and on his death-bed, he cursed God for not answering his prayers. THE MAN NEVER BROUGHT A LOTTERY TICKET. The moral of the story is that yes, prayer will help you through a rough situation and get you to where you need to go. However, you have to HELP God by taking some action and control of the situation. You can’t just pray about it and expect everything to be okay the next day. Prayer takes time. It takes even longer if you don’t help it along.

Are you practicing what you preach? Yeah, you may be in church Sunday. You may post all these statuses or tweets about  how you love the Lord and point out other’s people negative behavior. But look at yourself first. Would God approve of that one night stand you had with that girl you met in the club the other night? How about that time you stole from your grandmother or tried to sleep with your friend’s boyfriend? Remember that time you got wasted and was twerking on the pong table? No? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and God do.

You sinned all week and then go to church to repent Sunday. Clean slate! It’s absolutely absurd to think that just because you went to church to “repent” makes everything all better. You sucked, murdered, stole, lied, cheated and fornicated and used “repenting” to God on Sunday as an excuse to do it again the very next week! If you were truly sorry, if you truly repented, you wouldn’t be doing the same thing over and over. If you were truly sorry, you wouldn’t have done it again. Take some accountability for your actions!

Like I said, maybe I have no right to cast stones at these holier than thou people. After all, I am passing judgement on them. That’s wrong in itself. But I am human and I make mistakes.  That’s what some of these holier than thou people need to take into consideration. Before you go judging someone, take a look in the mirror. We are all human. And we all make mistakes. Just because you won the perfect attendance award, doesn’t mean that you aren’t human and can’t mistakes too.

Just saying…

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