Holiday Humbugs

With the countdown to Christmas being twelve days away, I can officially admit I have a case of the Humbugs. It hit me early this year, right after Thanksgiving. I knew Christmas was coming months in advance. After all, stores and malls were shoving the holiday down our throats since October. But I thought once December hit, I’d be gun-ho for it. Apparently not.

Maybe it’s the lack of holiday cheer. Maybe it’s because the Christmas tree isn’t up yet. Maybe I haven’t watched enough Christmas specials or drank enough hot chocolate. However, I think it’s safe to say that the humbugs are going to stay with me for the remainder of the holiday until everyone opens their presents and see what amazing gifts I got them.

Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore. Makes me sad. There’s still eleven more days left so there’s still hope!

Is anyone else in a holiday rut? Any suggestions on how to easy the pain?? 

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