The Year It Was All Supposed To End

Thanks to a certain calendar that will remain nameless *cough*Mayanlongcount*cough,cough*, 2012 was supposed to be the end. Much like Harold Camping and his failed predictions and Y2k, December 21st came and went, and the world remained in one piece. People were making Apocalypse jokes like there was no tomorrow. Life has continued.

But seriously folks, if you don’t know by now, the end of the Mayan long count was never meant to signify the end of existence. (It’s a circle for one thing. Who in the world ever heard of a circle coming to an end?) It was meant to signify the end of an era and the dawn of a new one. Since it’s New Year’s Eve, I think that notion is pretty appropriate.

2012 wasn’t the best year of my life, but it wasn’t the worst. There were lots of laughs and fun times. Like when I ate cake on zoo pals plates  in a freezing cold car with three friends on my birthday or getting drunk for the first time. But there were plenty of bad times too, like quitting my job and getting my heart broken a few times. Tonight is the last night of the year, and it’s out with the old and in with the new tomorrow.

I only have two resolutions this year, since all of last years failed miserably. This year I want to get Madness published and become a better writer. Perhaps, finish some  old projects I’ve been working on and start a new one. I had a great idea for one last night, but it’s way out of my comfort zone. It’s a zombie Apocalypse idea, but it still needs work before I decide to do anything with it.

Anyway, Happy New Years readers! Be safe tonight!

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