I’ll Call You

Picture it. Jersey. 2013. I popped into the Wawa near my mom’s office because I had a headache and thought eating something may help. As soon as I caught a glimpse at who was working the register, I wanted to walk out.

A little back story: During the summer I used to come in there all the time and the guy working the register would always talk to me. Eventually we exchanged numbers and he wanted to take me out sometime. I agreed to let him take me to breakfast before work one day. IT WAS A DISASTER! We had absolutely nothing in common, he was boring, and a little strange. He tried to convince me that I was “the one” for a few weeks, but I told him it wasn’t going to work and I didn’t want to be with him and left it at that. No more calls or texts and very few trips to that Wawa. I would only go in when he wasn’t working.

Since I quit my old job, I hadn’t seen him in months. I almost thought he wasn’t working there anymore until I saw him in there the other day.

Anyway, back to 2013. I make my way to the register and mutter a hello. He’s flustered at the fact we haven’t spoken. I’ve been a “stranger”. No texts, calls or contact. I tell him not to be mad. He hits me with the “how would you feel if someone told you they would call and never did.” He was lucky I was in a decent mood because I ready to hit him back with “normal.” But you can’t say that to someone or else you’ll hurt their feelings. Instead I opted to say I’ve been busy (not so much now days, but still true) and that my phone had gone bananas and I lost all my contacts (flat out lie). I told him if he wanted to talk to get in touch with me. He doesn’t have my number. He told me that I should be the one reaching out to him. I don’t his number anymore. More customers came and I was already halfway out the door at this point. In which he snarls he’ll talk to me later. Geez.

I don’t understand why men sometimes have this distorted view of entitlement. Just because a girl goes out with you once does not mean that she’s required to date or call you again. Just because a girl is nice to you doesn’t mean she wants to go out with you. I never told him I would call him again after that disaster date. I told him several times that I was not interested. So why in the blue blazes would I continue contact? To be honest, he wasn’t even friend worthy.

Has this ever happened to you? How did you deal with it? 

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