The big thing in social media yesterday was #cutforbieber aka #cuttingforbieber aka reason 45673 to lose faith in humanity.

Here’s how this whole fiasco began. Last week, TMZ and other news outlets obtained a photo of teen idol Justin Bieber smoking weed, leaving a lot of his fans upset. A user on 4chan decided to start a cut yourself for Bieber campaign. The idea was to  “ tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because Bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.” And so some members did, making #cutforbieber or #cuttingforbieber a national trending topic on twitter.

The hoax went horribly wrong though. Fan girls who believed the hoax was real started cutting themselves and posting the pictures on twitter too. Others followed suit and wallah.

There has been lots of reaction to the trending topic. Some people tweeted pics of themselves cutting paper in response. Others have voiced outrage. Either way, the whole thing is enough to make you sick to your stomach.

I cannot say if this is what the people who started this trending topic wanted. After all, they were only doing what trolls do: be shocking and outrageous to solicit attention. HOWEVER, when you’re dealing with a group of preteens or teenagers, you have to be careful. Most of them are as a dumb as box of rocks. Then you have to consider how devoted his fan base is. Most of Bieber’s fans are so obsessed with him that they will do anything to get him to notice them. If they’re crazy enough to send Selena Gomez death threats, they’re crazy enough to harm themselves.

Then there are the fangirls who actually participated in this nonsense. You have to feel sorry for them because they thought the hoax was real. You have to feel sorry for them because they actually believe Justin Bieber will stop smoking weed because they’re cutting themselves. You have to feel sorry for them because they will be stuck with these grotesque scars for the rest of their lives. HOWEVER, these girls should have known better! They should have had enough knowledge and self-awareness to know that cutting themselves would do nothing to stop Justin Bieber smoking weed and that hurting themselves is wrong.

There are people out there with real mental health or self esteem issues that cut themselves. It isn’t a game or a joke for them. Self harm is something that shouldn’t be made fun of or taken lightly.

Bieber has yet to respond to yesterday’s events.

2 thoughts on “#CutForBieber

  1. My friend’s daughter told her counselor she wanted to die & was cutting herself. My friend couldn’t think where she got that from. (The cutting part) People need to think about what they say & how it affects impressionable minds. You had your time to become an adult, form your opinions of the world, and develop a warp sense of humor. Don’t deprive youngsters of the same thing. Yeah I know I sound 100 years old 😛

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