Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re out or on Facebook or Twitter and we see or hear some guy going on and on about how nice  guys finish last. You know, he’s such a nice guy but every girl shoots him down or cheats on him. Every girl decides to date bad boys or jerks and  he just doesn’t understand why. Why is he constantly being friend zoned? Why doesn’t anyone want to date him or hook up with him? He goes on and on and on until you can’t bear to listen anymore.

But is it true? Do nice guys really finish last? Well, the guy complaining would say so. And so would the guy who says he finishes second. But we’re not talking about that guy. We’re talking about the guy who’s constantly complaining nice guys finish last.

The cold hard truth is that nice guys really don’t finish last. (Unless you’re the second guy of course.) This is for a few very simple reasons. THERE ARE OTHERS FACTORS AT PLAY!

 Preferences: The majority of the guys screaming nice guys finish last are hypocrites. They claim all girls want bad boys and jerks. Well, from a female perspective, it would appear most guys go after smoking hot, shallow girls. You know, “hoes” and “gold diggers.” They claim “they don’t love these hoes” and are the first ones to shout “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife”, but the irony is that’s who they end up with!

Then when things end badly, he automatically cries nice guys finish last to his buddies and anyone else who will listen. You knew she was shallow. You knew she was only interested in you buying her presents and taking her places. You knew she cheated on her last boyfriend. Yet you courted her anyway and she broke your heart. Just like women who go after bad boys or jerks, we know what we’re getting into, but ignore the signs. All it is a lesson learned. Put on your big boy pants and move on.

False sense of entitlement: Some of these nice guys that are finishing last have a false sense of entitlement. A girl has the right to turn a guy down, just as he has the right to turn a girl down. Just because you are nice to someone doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to a relationship, a date or sex. That doesn’t turn every guy she likes into a jerk either. All it means that she just wasn’t into you.

 You’re lame: Although it may sound harsh, there is a difference between being nice and lame. A nice guy treats other the way he wants to be treated. A lame guy on the other hand, is nice for all the wrong reasons. He’s so desperate to have a girl or other people like him that he’ll let her and anyone else walk over him.  A real nice guy wants his girl to have a nice time and feel special when she’s with him. There are no ulterior motives. A lame guy is nice to either get into the girl’s pants or get her into a relationship, again, because he’s desperate.

YOU’RE REALLY NOT THAT NICE: This ties into the previous point. You’re either lame or there are other factors involved that make these “nice guys” undesirable. This requires a little self-reflection.  Is there a crazy ex still lurking around? Did you cheat? Do you drink too much? Do you have a gambling problem? Are you unemployed? Does she have to drive you around everywhere? Are you too clingy? Do you have a nasty temper?

Of course some of these examples won’t matter to some girls. For instance, unemployment happens to the best of us. Some of these things are forgivable and understandable. However, everyone has different preferences.


What do you guys think? Do nice guys really finish last or is it just a cop-out? Leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

  1. it’s a thought provoking blog; I belive you should treat others the way you would like them to treat you — not always easy but one must make the effort. And thanks btw for liking my lonely little blog. You’re the first 🙂

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