Madness Update 2: Background Info

I wrote an update for Tuesday, but I completely forgot I didn’t give you guys ANY information on my novel except for the name. So this post will do that. Sorries!

(Working) Synopsis 

Langston and Tripp are no strangers to trauma or tragedy. On her way home from work one evening, Langston has car trouble and gets sexually assaulted. The same day in Iraq, Tripp and his unit gets ambushed. He suffers a traumatic brain injury while his best friend ends up in a coma and has to have a leg amputated. Can Tripp and Langston help each other get past their pain or will they succumb to it?

Basically, it’s a novel about PTSD (rape trauma syndrome in Langston’s case).

How It Came About

I wrote Madness for NaNoWriMo 2012. For more about that experience, follow this link

I don’t remember exactly how I got the idea for Madness. I just wanted to purge all my negatives emotions from October. To get everything from what happened to me out of my system and I guess the thing that started it all was having PTSD. So who better to illustrate those emotions through than a rape victim and a solider.

When It Will Be Published

Currently that’s TBA. I was aiming for a March or April release date, but that’s not going to happen. I’ll let you guys know as soon I know.

Well there ya have it! A bit about Madness so you won’t be in the dark Tuesday.

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