Black History Facts

Hey guys! I know I’m 6 days late, but in honor of black history month, I’ m going to try to post some interesting facts or other things that may be of interest. I will try to do this every other day, if not every day. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! 

Fact 1: Jennifer Jackson was the first black Playmate. In addition to being Playboy bunny, she was the first black model to be featured in a Lady Clairol ad as well Avon and Kool Cigarettes.

Fact 2: Allensworth is the only Californian community to be founded, governed, and financed by blacks.

Fact 3: Josephine Baker smuggled military intelligence to French allies during World War II by pinning secrets inside her dress or writing them in invisible ink on her sheet music.

Fact 4: Today in 1988, Public Enemy debuted on the charts with “Bring the Noise”.

Fact 5: Chuck Berry studied to be a hairdresser before he became a musician.

Fact 6: Today in 1990, A national holiday was proclaimed in Jamaica to celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday. (Which is also today.)


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