The Single Gal’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Happy Thursday aka Valentine’s Day aka Single Awareness Day. Pick whichever applies to you. 😉

I’ve heard a lot of different things as today approached. Some people are excited and happy. Some people are bitter, others lonely. And some people just don’t care. If you’re feeling a little awkward about today though, here are some tips and tricks on how to survive Valentine’s Day as a single girl.

  • Remember Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday. If there was ever a month to invest in Hallmark or Godiva, it’s February. Although some of the origins of the holiday are noble (for more about the man behind the myth go here:, it’s still just a way for companies to sell cards, chocolates, and those nasty, chalk tasting, heart-shaped candies.

    Does anyone even like these things?
  • Remember things aren’t always as they appear. It’s okay to be a little of jealous of your friends who are in relationships today, but keep in mind things may not always be as “wonderful” as today is. (All couples fight, sometimes even on Valentine’s Day.) Although things may be great for them today, there are some couples that are miserable throughout the rest of the year. Sometimes it’s better to be happy and single than miserable in a relationship.
  • You don’t have to be in a relationship to have a valentine. Have a friend that’s single and miserable too? Ask them to your valentine. It may not be the same as being in a relationship, but at least you won’t feel so alone and have someone to share the day with.
  • Avoid social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are going to be filled with couples showing their goodies and lovey dovey feelings.
  • Avoid romantic comedies and chick flicks. Need I say more?
  • Hang out with your friends. Tying into a previous point, if you don’t want to be alone today, just hang out with some single friends. You may not be in a romantic relationship, but platonic ones can be just as fun and rewarding.
  • Show love to yourself. Valentine’s day is all about showing love, so do something special for yourself.  Make today about you. As Ru Paul says at the end of every episode of Drag Race, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Hope these tips were helpful guys! Enjoy the day!

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