Rebounding Should Only Be Allowed in Basketball

I can always tell when certain people become single because suddenly their messages appear in my inbox.

Here’s another confession for you readers. Throughout the years I have somehow become a rebound girl. It was never really intentional.  Some of the boys I dated would cheat on me or just drop off the face of the earth and I would go about my business. Months, sometimes years, down the line, they’d resurface with apologies and offers of friendship. Me being the forgiving creature I am would accept the friendship. Sometimes it would blossom into more again, other times not. And the disappearing act would happen again once they got back into their failed relationship or moved onto another one.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Now I know most of this is my own doing. I can be too easy-going in some situations. I let nature take its course. Even if I don’t actively participate in the cycle, I’m at fault for letting it happen. And I’m a nurturer. I like to take care of other people. If I see some poor sap crying in his beer about his girlfriend dumping him, I’m inclined to listen. But that’s as far as it goes now days.

Why should I set aside time and effort for someone who only considers me as a place holder? Why should I give my time, attention, and possibly heart to someone who didn’t care much about it in the beginning? If you’re only going to hit me up when you’re lonely or having relationship issues, then why should I acknowledge or embrace you?

They say your twenties are your “selfish” years. You’re supposed to be selfish with your time, your money, your love. Everything you want to do you should do because your life is still in front of you. God knows when it could all be gone.

Time to be stingy.

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