Madness Update 4: Making Progress

Happy Thursday cool kids and nerds! Here is a quick update on how everything is coming when it comes to Madness.


After weeks of banging my head against the wall, I finally completed a second draft. Only about two or three more rounds of editing to go! I know that might seem a little excessive. I probably got it right the first time. But there is a method to my madness. This second draft was fixing plot holes in the complete entity of the story. When I start editing the third time (sometime next week) I’m going to separate it into two parts and see how Tripp’s and Langston’s stories hold up separately. Then I’ll pass it onto an actual editor and make changes from there.

Searching for A Publisher

At first, I was completely overwhelmed trying to choose a publisher. So I made calls/emails to the actual places I was considering and got some answers. I also received help from Kevin Gray aka @IndieBookGuy on twitter. He sent me this very helpful publishing guide that explained the different methods and what each method had to offer. You can view the guide here.

Createspace’s basic package wasn’t the best package out there and it’s expensive if you tack on their editing service. But the man I spoke with was extremely helpful and they got back to me fairly quick. I was considering Lulu, but based on the guide Mr. Gray sent me, I thought it would best to choose someone else to guide me through my first time.

Right now I’m trying to decide between Outskirts Press and Authorhouse. Although Outskirts Press would provide more bang for my buck, I haven’t spoken to anyone from there. I’ve spoken with two people from Authorhouse so far. Taking that into consideration, I may end up going with Authorhouse.

Release Date

Aiming for July. The exact date is TBA.


I did some “market research” today. I looked at cover designs and prices. The guys at Authorhouse said they would probably price my book at 14.95, which seemed to be the norm with a lot of the books I looked at. If I do decide to go with them, I may see if I can lower the price to around 12.50 or 13. I think that’s more reasonable. I may miss out on some of the royalty, but I want Madness to be competitive and to just establish myself as a good writer.

Teaser chapters soon? Maybe! 😉

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