What I’m Listening to

Hey guys! This week is pretty slow (minus the new pope). I haven’t really done any lists/music posts lately, so here you go!

Sound City- From Can to Can’t 

Here’s a little back story on the song. Dave Grohl made a documentary about legendary studio Sound City.  He interviewed a whole bunch of musicians that recorded there and even did some collabs with them. This features Grohl, Corey Taylor,  Nielsen, and Reeder.

I loved this song the moment I heard it! I can’t even describe to you how amazingly brilliant it is. It’s just so dark and raw. Amazing.

Miracle Mile- Cold War Kids

I was driving home one day and heard this song on the radio. Very Florence and the Machine-ish, but still pretty awesome.

Crunk Witch- Battle Beyond

Found this through random YouTube suggestions one night. Great beat and great vocals. Love it!

AFI-Beautiful Thieves

I’ve been a fan of AFI since middle school, but I didn’t find out they released another album after December Underground until a couple of weeks ago. I was shocked to see Davey’s new look (lack of makeup, short hair and beard), but good for him! He looks better this way and it’s pretty cool that he did a stint staring in American Idiot.

I wasn’t really a fan of this song at first, but it grew on me. Still kind of sounds like old AFI and Davey’s vocals are still on point.

Khat Dahlia-Gangsta

Found this song last night. Her voice is amazing and she’s actually talking about something real.

What do you guys think? Any songs that you can’t get enough of lately?

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