Random Musings and Updates

Hey everyone. Forgive my sudden absence last week. I was super busy. Unfortunately, hardly any of my labor bore any real fruits, so the game plan is take this week to regroup and refocus and then hit everything hard and strong. The only thing I’ll be hitting hard and strong this week is writing.

Speaking of writing, I got a new writing gig (will post the link once my article is up and running) and I also sold my first article on constant content last week. So the freelancing is starting to work out a little, but not as much as need.

I remember when I was younger and I would imagine myself living in a loft somewhere with a whole bunch of other “starving artist” types.  We would thrive on music, art, and literature but have little else but that and each other. It was like a scene out of Rent or any other musical or indie film about art and artists.

Now that I’ve grown up a bit, being a starving artist SUCKS! Now mind you, I’m not really starving. Thankfully, I have great family and friends to help look after me when I need it. But the romanticism I put on the whole concept was complete and utter bullshit and I’m extremely sorry I felt that way.

There’s nothing glamorous about people not acknowledging your talents and making you feel like less of a responsible member society for working on your craft. It sucks not being able to do what you love all day everyday and not get paid well for it. Most people can’t live off of just freelancing or selling their work. They have to do other things as well.

Sucks doesn’t it?

Anyway, I did promise updates. I’m thinking of starting a podcast. More details to come.

Have a great night!

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