My New Obesssion

Hey guys! Another personal post today! Been bust freelancing and editing Madness. Nothing really jumped out at me news or pop culture wise, so I decided to provide you with another gem from personal life. Enjoy! 

As I was stumbling across the internet last week, I came up across this awesome video and immediately screamed “WHY HAVEN’T I HAVEN’T BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS?”

Needless to say, I am now in love and obsessed with True Blood.

Some of my friends watch and my uncle used to watch it, but I NEVER did. I don’t know why. Sometimes I get a little…bleh about shows that are really popular. It’s the anti-mainstreamer in me rebelling against pop culture and not wanting to do something just because it’s deemed “cool”. But I am a little disappointed in myself for not hopping on the bandwagon sooner. I’m up to season 3 (which I think will be my favorite because of Lafayette and Jesus) and it’s been really good. I can’t get enough!

Are there any shows you guys are currently obsessed with? If so, tell me about it! We can fan girl (or boy) about it together in the comments!

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