Ashes and Butterflies

I usually HATE sharing my work (ironic because in order to be a successful writer people have to read your work) but this poem I wrote the other day is really good and I wanted to share it with you guys.

It’s not really about anyone or anything. I came up with a snippet (the first line of the poem) and the rest of it just kind of flowed. I haven’t written a poem just for fun in ages. (The last time I wrote one was for courting purposes, but I don’t think it worked to my advantage.) Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and post the damn poem.

Ashes and Butterflies

Ghosts of the past
Like ashes and butterflies

I can trace the outline of your body
If I lay still
Slowly close my eyes

But you are just a dream
So forgotten
Bitterly, intoxicatingly sweet

Your warmth a flicker
dreams lost
With slight remnants of heat

A pound of wasted flesh
Floating free
Beneath my trembling fingertips

Beautifully tragic eyes
Watching where I press my lips

But you are just a dream
A ghost
Floating among ashes and butterflies

What do you guys think? Like or dislike? Do you want to see more poems or stories or things of that nature? 

Talk to me!

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