The FALSEST Sense of Entitlement

I don’t even know if falsest is a real word, but bear with me okay. Alternatively this post could be called the date that never happened, but eh. This will do.

Don’t care how, some want it now.

For those of you who know me outside of the interwebs (or read some of my nonsensical, non educational/informative posts) I can be an any way the wind blows kind of person. A very go with the flow kind of person. Unless I’m working or serious about something, things happen when they happen. They’ll happen if they should happen.

However, there is a side of me that’s rigid and structured. This guy (I’m assuming this side of me is male for some odd reason) wants things done at a certain time and a certain way. He’s a hard ass but he’s fair, understanding that not everything you plan to do will actually happen at the exact time you want it to.

Like now. I should TOTALLY be working on Madness, but I’m not in the mood anymore. I made changes to a couple more chapters and then called it quits. I’m too frazzled to focus. Right now it’s just me, Oreo cookies, and The Golden Girls.

I just don’t understand why people-men in this case-have this false sense of entitlement when it comes to dating. Agreeing to go out with you doesn’t mean that I’m agreeing to do anything sexual with you. In reality, I don’t even have to hug you, touch you, shake your hand, or give you a high-five. I don’t have to do anything and neither do you. We’re just two people who are getting to know each other and if I like you enough or you like me enough, you’ll end up with a hug or a kiss…or more. Who knows. Whatever happens, happens.

But you shouldn’t assume that it’s going to happen.

In a way I’m glad we didn’t go out because my anger would have increased tenfold if I had actually sat down to dinner or a movie with him and he had octopus hands or was a complete asshole. It’s easier to control your emotions and contempt over the phone than it is in person. He might have been wearing soda or popcorn or maybe even his dinner on the way home.

You win some, you lose some.

See you later, space cowboys.

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