Things to Do With Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! 

For all you kids who forgot, today is Mother’s Day! Don’t worry though. I’m here to help you make it seem like you didn’t space out.

Call her: If you can’t be with your mom this Mother’s Day, give her a call! Just talking to her on the phone and letting her know that you still think she’s important will make her day.

Send her an e-card: Forgot to send a card? Send an e-card! To make sure she gets it on time, tell her about it when you call her.

Take her to dinner: Treat your mom to dinner or lunch or breakfast if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be a fancy five-star restaurant. As long as it isn’t a fast food place, your mom will be happy. If you can’t afford to take her out to eat, cook something for her! Your mom will be extremely impressed.

Take her to the movies: Moms love movies too. Treat her to one! If you can’t afford it, you can always rent a movie or watch one of her favorites with her.

Do something she likes: Mother’s Day is all about your mom so do something that she likes. If she likes baking, hit the kitchen and bake something with her. If she likes shopping, take her to the mall. Whatever it takes.

Clean: If you still live at home, clean up the house for her! If you don’t you can still come over and straighten up some or even wash her car.

Flowers:  Flowers are pretty. Just like your mom! (Feel free to use that line when you give them to her.)

Just show up: Just being around to wish your mother a happy Mother’s Day will make her feel special.

As you celebrate Mother’s Day, keep this in mind. You should treat every day like Mother’s Day. If you can’t show your mom that she’s special and important to you every other day of the year, then what’s the point?

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