Life as a Romantic Comedy

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like inside of a romantic comedy. Hell, even a bromantic comedy (think Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) or just a normal romance film.

Think about it. You’d always look flawless, even as a quirky average Joe or Jane type. You could do things in “montage time.” When everything went wrong, somehow it would magically fix itself and fall into place. And just when you’re at your lowest point or at the edge of some cliff, your perfect match would come and sweep you off your feet.

Then the epic kiss. Everyone lives happily ever after. End scene. Roll credits. The end.

Yeah.  Life-and love-almost are always the opposite. Nothing is ever easy and it’s usually ends up messy.

Maybe that’s the beauty of it though. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe we’re supposed to find that one thing or person that represents peace in all the chaos life throws at us.

Who knows. I sure haven’t figured it out yet.


8 thoughts on “Life as a Romantic Comedy

  1. I think I look at the messiness of my life and the romantic comedies at least give me hope that things will work themselves out. Maybe false hope, but hope nonetheless.

    Thanks for your interesting thoughts.

  2. My dear, please try to look at a more positive set of possibilities for life and love. Your happiness may not come without some work. But you must choose to remain positive about the future. If you fall 7 times,be sure to get up 8!


      1. Now that sounds better! Life can unfold all at once or a bit at a time. Love is the same way, only more fickle and less predictable!

        Good luck in the “romance dept.”


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