Female Superhero Challenge

Yesterday on Twitter someone posted a link to this challenge and it is definitely something worth sharing and participating in.

My favorite female superheroes

As the title of the post suggests, the goal is to create a female superhero. It doesn’t matter what kind of powers she has, what she looks like or who she is and what she does. All that matters is that she’s female and a superhero. The original post offers a few suggestions to help you get started building your hero. You can include her superhero name and the name of her human alter ego. What does she look like as a hero and in her regular life? Does she wear a costume? How’d she get her powers? To view the complete outline, click here.

Once you have a character created, write a flash fiction or short story between 300 and 1000 words with a complete scene. The scene or story can be about whatever you want. Anything goes as long as it has a complete scene.

There are prizes for the challenge such as a trophy and book for first place, a t-shirt for second place, and a mug for third place. However, there is a possibility your flash fiction piece or short story can be a part of something bigger. An anthology may be created with entries and then sold to raise money for a charity for girls.

The challenge will be running from June 1st to June 30th. For complete details, please go here: http://imaginecreatewrite.blogspot.com/2013/05/creating-female-superhero-challenge.html

I absolutely love this idea. I feel that girls growing up today aren’t exposed to as many female superheroes as previous generations were. In the 90s, girls had heroes such as Sue Storms, Rouge, Storm, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon, Xena and even the Powerpuff Girls to look up to. Unless a girl has older siblings or parents who are into science fiction or comics, they will not be exposed to these type of female superheroes.

If you are a writer and like the idea, please participate and share! I know am!

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