The Amount of Spam is Too Damn High!

Sorry this post is super late. I had a lot of stuff to do today, and by the time I was done I got sucked into watching that pathetic excuse of a bad girls club reunion. Ugh.

Anyway, here I am. The party can start.

Over the last few weeks, maybe a little more, I’ve noticed a really disturbing trend. The amount of spam comments getting through the filter is too damn high! I logged in today to check my comments and noticed there were 12 comments in the spam folder. I went through them because sometimes it is possible for a real comment to be caught among the spam. Anyway, it was all spam dressed up in fancy tuxedos. Big words and big compliments but it was all nonsensical.

Has anyone else been having trouble with spam lately? Are you doing anything to combat it?

4 thoughts on “The Amount of Spam is Too Damn High!

  1. I get a lot of pingbacks that I’m unsure of, so I usually span them. I also get quite frustrated with adverts that are now creeping in with lists of different products…

  2. I haven’t had so many spams in my folder, but I’ve been getting a lot of “people” liking my posts who turn out to be spammers. When you click on their links you go to a site that’s definitely not a personal blog, but one that’s trying to sell me a product to “drive traffic” to my blog or offers to teach me how to make money from my blog, etc.

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