The Crow Remake is Set for 2014

For years Hollywood studios and executives were talking about remaking my favorite movie, The Crow. Thankfully, the project seemed doomed with deals with actors such as Bradley Cooper and Tom Hiddleston falling through.

Luke Evans casted as Eric Draven

All that seems to have changed now. Luke Evans (Clash of the Titans, Immortals, Fast and Furious 6) is now set to play Eric Draven and F. Javier Gutierrez will be directing. Production is set for 2014. 

From the beginning, I was always against any type of reboot of The Crow. Sure, there have been Crow movies made after the original movie. But they did not change any of the story elements of the original film. In addition,if the creator  of the comic and a major part of the original film, James O’Barr, wants to let it rest, I feel that wish should be respected. Brandon Lee did an amazing job and it almost feels perverse for someone else fill the role of Eric Draven. Don’t get me wrong. I like Luke Evans. However, I don’t think ANYONE should play Eric Draven except for Brandon Lee.

Proponents of the remake find all of this arbitrary. It’s been 20 years since the original Crow was released. A remake could expose the film to a new audience and make support of the original film even stronger. All movies are subject to being remade. The Crow isn’t any different. In addition, a remake allows the writers and director to come up with a story that is closer to the original comic. Although these are all valid points, I highly doubt that is what the result is going to be.

My case in point is the video below. Although the script has been changed and rewritten, I still don’t have very high hopes for the remake.

On a side note, I’d also like to direct you to this article from which provided a unique perspective about the remake.

What do you guys think? Is a remake of The Crow a blessing or is it doomed to fail?

2 thoughts on “The Crow Remake is Set for 2014

  1. I feel that the remake is doomed to fail. As in the video above, the original film was good but hardly groundbreaking and the tragedy of Brandon Lee’s death helped it become a cult classic. Lee was awesome in it and nobody is going to better that performance. If they truly wanted to do something different, have a female Crow instead and try to make a more gothic version of Kill Bill.

    1. Agreed. As far as I’m concerned brandon lee is eric draven. No one could do it better. A female crow would be a great choice if they wanted to resurrect the concept on the big screen.

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