Ten Women in Anime that Kick Ass

Saturday kicked off the Female Superhero Challenge, which is running from now until the 3oth. For complete rules and details, click here!

In honor of the challenge, this week is dedicated to females that kick ass. Hopefully they will provide you with inspiration and motivation for the challenge.

Without further ado, here are ten females in anime that kick ass.

10. Misty

Anime she appears in: Pokemon

Why she kicks ass: Although she doesn’t have any super powers, you have to respect Misty because she was a strong person. When you’re a tomboy, growing up with four glamorous and girly sisters isn’t easy. However, Misty didn’t change who she was to fit in and decided to create her own path.  She left her sisters to become the world’s best water type Pokemon trainer and was pretty successful. She was in the top eight of the Whirl Cup tournament and went on to run Cerulean gym. Although she could be ill-tempered and stubborn, there was a sweet, compassionate, loyal and optimistic side to her.

9. Lucrezia Noin

Anime she appears in: Gundam Wing

Why she kicks ass: Although Gundam Wing mainly focused on the escapades of the male characters, there are a few female characters who didn’t get enough credit. Lucrezia Noin is one of them. A descendent of Italian nobility, Noin trained soldiers to use mobile suits at  Lake Victoria Academy. When one of her classes was killed in an ambush, Noin sought revenge against the gundams, but in the end becomes an ally and friend to them. Noin is a kind-hearted woman and a loyal friend, but she is also resilient, smart, and a fierce soldier.

8. Bulma

Anime she appears in: Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT

Why she kicks ass: Bulma may not have battled evil with the Z fighters or have super powers, but she was a huge part of the team. She invented a variety of  items that helped the Z fighters train, fight their enemies and find the dragonballs. There were times she even helped the Z fighters find the dragonballs. Although Bulma could be self-centered, ill-tempered and boy crazy at times, she did what she could to help her friends. Without her, the Z fighters may have succumbed to some of their enemies sooner than they did.

7. Android 18

Anime she appears in: Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT

Why she kicks ass: 18 is probably one of the most underused character in Dragonball Z history. Although 18 looked cute and harmless, she was a forced to be reckoned with.  She was extremely tough, cool and confident with a sarcastic sense of humor. Her fighting skills were incredible. Despite her cold personality, 18 did exhibit a more sensitive and caring side. Eventually she aided the Z fighters and went on to marry Krillin. They had a daughter together.

6. The Sailor Scouts

Anime they appear in: Sailor Moon

Why they kick ass: Normal teenagers by day, kick ass warriors by night. The Sailor Scouts worked together to help defend the Earth (and occasionally the moon) from evil. The great thing about the Sailor Scouts was  they worked as a team. They understood that no one was more important than the others in the group. Everyone was good at something that the others weren’t. The scouts complimented each other and believed in friendship. That’s what made Sailor Moon such a great series.

5. Faye Valentine and Ed

Anime they appear in: Cowboy Bebop

Why they kick ass: Both of these girls are very different. Faye, who was in a cryogenic sleep for 54 years, woke up in a future she didn’t understand and woefully in debt. She became a con artist, chronic gambler, and most importantly a bounty hunter. Although Faye can be manipulative, lazy, quick-tempered and cocky, there is a sensitive, loving, and soft-spoken side of her. She’s street smart and tough as nails.

Ed on the other hand is a teenage girl whose real name is Francoise Appledelhi. Abandoned by her father, Ed made up the name Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV for herself  and was also known as Radical Edward. She was a genius computer hacker who helped the crew of the Bebop solve a variety of cases. Although Ed was really eccentric at times, at heart she is a warm, caring girl.

4. Shiro

Anime she appears in: Deadman Wonderland

Why she kicks ass: Shiro’s powers were the result of brutal experimentations when she was a child. Although she and her alter ego, the Wretched Egg, are extremely powerful, at heart Shiro was bubbly, energetic, pure, and kind.

3. Aisha Clanclan

Anime she appears in: Outlaw Star

Why she kicks ass: It seemed that her race was able to handle much more than humans can. Getting shot and bathing in lava didn’t phase her. She was extremely fast and had  super hearing. At one point during the series, she won the universe’s strongest woman contest. However, it is unclear if she was able to keep the crown due to the Ctarl-Ctarl being banned from the competition.

2. Motoko Kusanagi aka The Major

Anime she appears in: Ghost in a Shell

Why she kicks ass: Simply known to her squad as The Major, Motoko Kusanagi’s brain was put into an artificial body when she was a child. She trained herself and became one the highest rated in artificial body control. She went on to become the commanding officer for Section 9 in the Japanese government. She is an amazing soldier due to her enhanced fighting abilities. She also has the ability to use her mind to hack into computer databases and the brains of other cyborgs. The major is also capable of turning invisible.

1. Ryoko

Anime she appears in: Tenchi Muyo

Why she kicks ass: Ryoko is my favorite female character of all time. She can fly, shoot energy beams, teleport, and is just an all around badass. Although Ryoko can be ill-mannered, violent, reckless, selfish, and quick-tempered, she can be soft and vulnerable. She’s always ready to fight and have fun.

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